We advise and assist our clients through the development and subdivision approval process, from pre-lodgement, through the decision-making period, to after the determination has been made. We work with our clients’ planners to assist with the strategy prior to lodgement to ensure the best outcomes for our clients, and then assist in the management of the application through the decision-making process.

We can assist:

  • pre-lodgement – with the preparation of applications for subdivision and development approvals, including advice regarding  the interpretation of, and compliance with, planning schemes and legislation;
  • during the decision-making period – with legal issues which arise, and represent our clients in relation to their dealings with the decision-making authorities; and
  • post-determination – with applications for reconsideration, give advice regarding the validity of conditions imposed on approvals, and advice on commencing a review of the decision-maker’s decision at the State Administrative Tribunal.

Moharich & More – we are a planning and environment law firm based in South Perth, Western Australia.

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